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Every last detail of every job is 100% inspected from start to finish, from testing compounds to see if a label will work, to checking the print against the original order, no detail is overlooked.

Above all, we are proud to be the only rubber label manufacturer to offer end-to-end services in-house. We don’t outsource any part of the process, so you can rest assured we have total control over quality, capability and costs at all times.

Label Manufacturing

Polymeric Labels has in-house manufacturing facilities that can produce high-quality vulcanizable labels from raw material to finished product. We can make rubber to suit any compound and application in any Pantone colour. There really is no limit to your design.

Label Design

Our labels are designed to offer maximum legibility while preserving the colours and style of your brand. We can also provide full branding and corporate identity design if you don’t already have a style in mind. We’re always open to exploring possibilities. If you have an idea for a particular design, we’d love to hear it.

Label Printing

We use the very latest printing techniques for maximum accuracy. The end result is high resolution print, strong colours that won’t fade and millimeter perfect registration. Every finished design is personally checked by our Polymer Technologists.

Label Customization

We can literally print anything you like onto your vulcanizable label, from logos and text to barcodes and images. You can choose any font and colors can be matched to any Pantone reference, ensuring an exact match with your brand.

Label Automation

Print-on-demand labelling offers incredible time and cost savings, putting the power of our printing technology in your hands. We can preprint your logo onto a rubber label and then supply reels for use with your own thermal printer – allowing you to print your own custom labels, as and when you need them.

Label Innovation

Polymeric Labels love a challenge. If a problem arises, we simply design a new solution to fix it. We are constantly developing new products, techniques and technologies. If you think it can’t be done, talk to us and we’ll tell you what can. 

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